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Compiling DataFlex Programs

by Curtis Krauskopf


Multiple files can be compiled on one command line by using the FOR command parameter. The FOR command can be used on both the command line and inside of a batch file.

Compile-time error alerts can be suppressed but recorded in .ERR files by appending a -v1fskn parameter to the dfcomp command line. dfcomp is somewhat braindead when it comes to compile options. The following command line will not work:

dfcomp -v1fskn menu.src

This will try to compile the file -v1fskn and completely ignore the MENU.SRC parameter. The correct way to format the above dfcomp command is:

dfcomp menu.src -v1fskn

By making use of the echo, if, ERRORLEVEL and shift Windows batch commands, a fairly intelligent batch file can be created that allows a programmer to compile multiple groups of source files using wildcards on one command line.

The batch file is even friendly enough to detect when no parameters were provided, and to automatically handle the housekeeping of deleting .ERR files from previous batch compilations.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and learned something interesting about DataFlex and Windows batch files. Let me know if you liked it (or not). Your feedback will help guide me when writing future articles.

Curtis Krauskopf (email at )

Curtis Krauskopf is a software engineer and the president of The Database Managers ( He has been writing code professionally for over 25 years. His prior projects include multiple web e-commerce applications, decompilers for the DataFlex language, aircraft simulators, an automated Y2K conversion program for over 3,000,000 compiled DataFlex programs, and inventory control projects. Curtis has spoken at many domestic and international DataFlex developer conferences and has been published in FlexLines Online, JavaPro Magazine, C/C++ Users Journal and C++ Builder Developer's Journal.

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