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Use an RSS enabled news reader to read these articles.Use an RSS enabled news reader to read these articles.

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The Database Managers, Inc. has information about Borland C++ Builder frequently asked questions and tips for getting the most out of the BCBuilder IDE. The site also contains general C++ coding techniques, STL coding examples, VCL coding examples, articles about class inheritance, and C++ programming tutorials.

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The Borland Developer Network contains many C++ examples of APIs, techniques, complete projects, components, databases, open-source tools, design patterns and source code. Visit the Borland Developer Network

C++Builder Developer's Journal (ISSN 1093-2097)

Each month, the C++Builder Developer's Journal delivers tips and techniques that will make you a better C++Builder programmer. The Journal covers all aspects of C++ application development using C++Builder--IDE tips, using VCL components, Win32 API functions, using XML and networking technologies, developing web services, and much more!

The Journal helps you harness the power of C++Builder with articles from our award-winning authors. Our writers are industry experts, speakers, trainers, and most importantly, developers--just like you. Dollar for dollar, the Journal is the most cost-effective way to get the most from your investment in C++Builder, and we look forward to having you as a subscriber!

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Mark Cashman's Temporal Doorway has articles on C++ Builder, JBuilder and Programming philosophies. His article, The Biggest Danger, is a must-read for every program manager and professional developer. - A web thesaurus and lexicon that lists under Database Managers, Decompile and STL.

The C++ Builder Programmer's Ring is a convenient way to navigate between web sites that have Borland C++ Builder programming code, tools and libraries.  Some of the sites may offer C++ products commercially.
The C++ Builder Programmer's Ring

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