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Opt 3.19 Installation Instructions

by Curtis Krauskopf

Step 1:Download the original Opt 3.19 library mirrored at The Database Managers, Inc.

Step 2:Download the Opt 3.19 upgrade patches available from The Database Managers, Inc.

Step 3: Unzip the contents of the opt-3.19.tar.gz file downloaded in Step 1.

Step 4: Unzip the Opt 3.19 upgrade patches on top of the files created in Step 3.

A library (opt.lib) is available in the upgrade patches. It uses default options and reasonable compiler settings. If you need a special opt.lib, open the ~/src/opt.bpr Borland Project.

The files in the upgrade archive are for a Borland C++ Builder 6 (patch 4) installation of opt. Some of the standard opt files needed to be changed so that C++ Builder 6 would compile them. Others were changed for compatiblity with the standard windows.h file.

All source file changes are commented with my initials: cdk

This opt version was based on opt 3.19.

These files were changed by Curtis Krauskopf of The Database Managers, Inc. (

All of these changes are released into the public domain. No warranty is provided or implied; use of this library or these changes are at your own risk. Although I am interested in bug and problem reports, I assume no responsiblity in providing updates to you.

These are the known incompatibilities when this library is compiled against the regression test programs in the ~/test directory available in the opt-3.19 distribution file:

1) When running a program from the - - menu mode '=' command, pressing ^C does not return the user to the menu. It instead aborts the program. If you fix this problem, I am interested in your solution.

2) was renamed to opt_regcc.cpp because I chose to not add Yet Another File Extension to the list of file extensions recognized by Borland C++ Builder. You should delete from the distribution files to prevent confusion.

3) When compiling the library, a compile-time symbol called OPT_VERSION should be defined to "3.19" (including the quotes).


The Opt 3.19 documentation is available online at

An article reviewing Opt 3.19 is available at The Database Managers' website.

Open-Source code library reviews are available at

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