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How to find out if you are logged in with Administrator rights on Windows 2000

by Curtis Krauskopf
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The Administrator security group allows the person logged into a computer with Windows 2000 to modify almost anything on the computer. The Administrator security group is the highest security setting available.

On Windows 2000, a user named 'Administrator' generally has Administrator rights. Other users might be members of the Administrator group if the 'Administrator' user (or another user with Administrator rights) has granted those privileges to the user.

How to check if you have Administrator rights

Click on the Start button.

The Start menu appears. Your start menu might look slightly different than this one.

Hover the mouse over the Settings menu entry. A Settings sub-menu appears. Click on the Control Panel menu entry.

The Control Panel screen appears. Your menu will look similar to one of the following three screen shots:


Double-click on the Users and Passwords icon. It is circled in each of the above three Control Panel screen shots.

One of two things will happen. You might get the following security warning from Windows 2000:

This panel means that the user logged into Windows 2000 does not have Administrator rights on the computer. You can either enter the Administrator password and click the OK button, or click on the Cancel button to not access the Users and Passwords information panel.

The other panel that could appear is:

This panel shows that there are at least two users that have Administrator rights. Both 'Administrator' and 'Curtis Krauskopf' have Administrator rights on this computer. Other users might also have Administrator rights -- you would need to scroll down the list to see the other users that have an account on the computer. When you are finished, click on the Cancel button to leave the Users and Passwords panel.

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