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How to get a Windows 2000 Computer Name

by Curtis Krauskopf
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Every Windows 2000 computer has a name. The computer name is typically less than 16 characters long and it can contain the letters A-Z, a-z, the digits 0-9 and a hyphen (-). Windows 2000 computer names are also called resource names, network names or share names. The computer name might have been assigned by the computer manufacturer, or maybe by your Information Technology (IT) department, or it might have been assigned when you originally installed Windows 2000.

How to obtain your computer name

Click on the Start button.

The Start menu appears. Your start menu might look slightly different than this one.

Hover the mouse over the Settings menu entry. A Settings sub-menu appears. Left-click on the Control Panel menu entry.

The Control Panel screen appears. Your menu will look similar to one of the following three screen shots:

Double-click on the System icon. The System Properties panel appears. The panel has several tabs near the top of the panel. One of the tabs is labeled Network Identification. Left-click on that tab.

On the Network Identification tab, the computer's name is shown next to the Full computer name label. In the above picture, the full computer name is identified with the red rectangle.

If you look closely, you'll see a period after the computer name. Here's a zoomed-in version of the above picture:

The period is not a part of the computer name. In the above example, the computer's name is 'DELL'.

Left-click on the Cancel button to close the System Properties panel.

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