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DataFlex 2.3 Flexkey Definitions

by Curtis Krauskopf

The following table shows all of the default Flexkey definitions for DataFlex 2.3:

DataFlex 2.3 Default Key Definitions
Flexkey Default Keyproc or
Indicator Name
Finding a Record:
Find A Record Tab KEY.FIND
  Superfind A Record F3 KEY.SFIND
  Find Previous Record Page Up KEY.NEXT
  Find Next Record Page Down KEY.PREVIOUS
Changing a Record:
  Save A Record F10 KEY.SAVE
  Delete A Record F6 KEY.DELETE
  Back Space (Destructive) Back Space  
  Insert Character In Window Insert  
  Delete Character In Window Delete  
Cursor Movement:
  Previous Window F2 KEY.FIELD
  Left Arrow (Non Destructive) Left Arrow KEY.LEFT
  Right Arrow (Non Destructive) Right Arrow KEY.RIGHT
  Up Arrow Up Arrow KEY.UP
  Down Arrow Down Arrow KEY.DOWN
  Calculate F5 KEY.CALCULATE
  Clear All Windows F9 KEY.CLEAR
  Help F1 KEY.HELP
  User Defined Function (One) F7 KEY.USER
  User Defined Function (Two) F8 KEY.USER2
  Print Screen F4 KEY.PRINT
  Escape (Exit Program) Esc KEY.ESCAPE
  Return Enter KEY.RETURN

Curtis Krauskopf is a software engineer and the president of The Database Managers ( He has been writing code professionally for over 25 years. His prior projects include multiple web e-commerce applications, decompilers for the DataFlex language, aircraft simulators, an automated Y2K conversion program for over 3,000,000 compiled DataFlex programs, and inventory control projects. Curtis has spoken at many domestic and international DataFlex developer conferences and has been published in FlexLines Online, JavaPro Magazine, C/C++ Users Journal and C++ Builder Developer's Journal.

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