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DataFlex Decompiler

A Windows API Lookup Tool

Greg Sergeant

This tool makes it easier for VDF programmers to create Windows API calls. Because of the enormous size of the Windows API, not all of the API entries are provided and because of the automated nature in which the calls were imported into this tool, not all of them are perfect but a large majority are correct and reliable.

The database was created by converting a text file of entries that were originally designed for a Visual Basic tool. I attempted to create rules to convert the Visual Basic syntax to Visual DataFlex syntax. The rules are not perfect so not all of the conversions are correct. The database contains over 55000 constants, over 6500 function declarations and over 450 type definitions. I hope someone finds it useful.

Changes (as of October 11, 2005)...

Changes... I hate this because I am sure there are a couple small things I won't remember but here are the main things.

  1. I improved the conversion rules so the entries are (hopefully) more accurate and there are also a few more them in the database.
  2. VB types can now be converted into either VDF types or structs, since structs are used in the newer versions of VDF.
  3. Instant conversions of VB function declarations, types or constants with a new popup conversion dialog. This will allow users to do a conversion of examples that don't already exist in the database.
  4. I have included the source for the view that does the syntax conversions in case anyone has a use for this code.

Where to Start

  1. Extract the zip file to the appropriate path on your hard drive. I would suggest the Projects subdirectory of your VDF installation.
  2. Navigate to the <path>\API Viewer\Programs directory.
  3. Double-click the API file to register the workspace with your VDF IDE.
  4. Open the API Viewer workspace in the VDF IDE and compile the API Viewer program.

If you have any problems getting it to work... tough! Just kidding. I will do my best to be helpful. Please contact me at or post on the VDF Open Source forum.

Please Note

The information in the API database is based on the work of Michael Ciurescu. He is to receive all the credit for creating the original list of types, constants and declarations in the Visual Basic syntax. He no longer maintains a web presence.

The program in the following file was not created by The Database Managers, Inc. They do not accept any credit or responsibility for its content. The author of the program is Greg Sergeant and Greg is the one that should be contacted for any questions, support, praise or donations.

This file is hosted on this web site as a service to the DataFlex community. The contents of this web page are not copyrighted by The Database Managers, Inc.

readme.txt (1.5 k, this file is included in the below file) (2.4 meg)

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