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C++ Language-specific Questions

by Curtis Krauskopf

Language-specific questions typically test your ability to understand why a certain rule exists in the language rather than simply knowing that a rule exists.

Programmers who recently learned C++ using a book such as Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours will have difficulty knowing the nuances of the C++ language.

Interviewers are interested in testing candidates for a depth of knowledge in the topic. The interviewer will also expect you to know these topics off the top-of-your-head because these basic facts should form the foundation of your C++ knowledge.

  1. An array is instantiated with the new[] operator. Is it sufficient to delete the array using a delete operator or should a delete[] operator be used? Justify your answer.

  2. Can I drop the [] when deleting an array of some built-in type (char, int, etc)?

  3. What is an example of when a destructor is NOT called at the end of scope?

  4. Explain stack unwinding.

  5. When I write a derived class's destructor, do I need to explicitly call the destructor for my base class?

  6. Explain the difference between a class and an object.

  7. Explain the difference between a struct and a class.

  8. What is difference between malloc/free and new/delete?

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