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DataFlex Decompiler Guarantee:

The Database Managers, Inc. guarantees that decompiled DataFlex programs will be recompilable without any necessary programmer induced changes.  We also guarantee that the recompiled programs will be functionally identical to the original program. 

If the user notices that a program recompiles with compile-time errors or the program is not functionally identical to the original program, and none of the conditions in the disclaimer applies, The Database Managers, Inc. will fix our decompiler and redecompile all applicable programs at no charge to the customer.  Typical turnaround times are one week, but sometimes a bug is more difficult to solve and so it might take longer than that.

Free Lifetime Redecompilations:

The Database Managers is always interested in bug reports, and encourages our customers to report anomalies.  To facilitate that, we accept bug reports no matter how long ago the decompiling service was performed.  Our policy in that situation is that the customer will receive a free redecompilation.

In one extreme case, a customer reported nine problems in a set of decompiled programs five years after the programs were decompiled.  Of those nine problems, six of those problems had been fixed in the decompiler, two were misunderstandings in how the DataFlex language operated and one was an actual bug that was still in the current decompiler version.  That customer received a free redecompilation of the programs that fixed all seven of the problems.  We aren't aware of ANY software company that has a policy that supports the customer to that extent after the sale!

The guarantee is valid if it meets the requirements in the disclaimer.

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