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Example Decompiled Program

FLEXERRS is the standard error message data entry program provided by Data Access Corporation.  The source code for the FLEXERRS program is provided on the DataFlex development diskette.

Both the original source code and its decompiled source are available here.

Some features to look for in the decompiled program:

  • All variables are declared at the top of the program, even indicators.
  • The generated source code follows standard indenting practices.
  • Some features, such as autopage and name definitions, are lost at compile-time.
  • The original code used START: as a label, whereas the decompiled code used CL6: as a label.  Label names are lost at compile-time.
  • The original program uses a goto command to jump to the START:  label, whereas the decompiled program surrounds the block with a repeat/loop structure.  This is just one way that the decompiled code is better than the original code.  Compiling the decompiled program will generate a program that is still functionally identical to the original program.
  • Keyproc labels are retained.
  • Predefined indicators and system variables, such as ERR and FOUND, are retained in the decompiled program.
  • The left-hand margin of the decompiled code starts on column 22.  This leaves room for labels and indicators on the line.  This formatting method makes it easier to read large decompiled programs.





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