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Use an RSS enabled news reader to read these articles.Use an RSS enabled news reader to read these articles.

DataFlex Decompilers can recreate DataFlex source code from a compiled .FLX file in case the original source code is ever lost. Over the past twenty years, DataFlex Decompilers have helped thousands of developers worldwide to recover lost source code. DataFlex programs can be decompiled using our service. The Database Managers is able to decompile DataFlex programs that were compiled on either a Motorola or Intel style processor.

DecFmac decompiles DataFlex FLEX.CFL files into FMAC files. All of the original DataFlex macros are restored, along with all of the custom macros dfpacked in the FLEX.CFL.

The Database Managers also offers full-service DataFlex programming services for DataFlex users. For existing applications, our decompiler technologies allow us to verify that the source code you're providing us is the same source code that was used to compile your existing programs. This means no surprises when the DataFlex code is changed and installed into your live application.

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C++ Interview Questions and Answers:
Unless you're a hobbyist, at some point in your career you will be interviewed for a software development position. In addition to knowing the company, knowing their industry, knowing their products and practicing standard interviewing questions ("So why do you want to work for us?"), software engineers are expected to be able to communicate their knowledge of their art and demonstrate their skills on demand. Prepare for your next C++ job interview by reviewing the questions on these pages. Use the questions that have been grouped into 13 categories to test your ability to handle typical C++ programming questions and to handle the extraordinary and unusual programming questions.

STLplus 3.4 C++ Open Source Library Review:
This is an update to the first article that appeared in the Not Invented Here Open Source Reviews web pages. STLplus version 3.4 is an update to the originally reviewed STLplus 2.5. STLplus is a collection of STL C++ components. The areas covered in STLplus range from the mundane (trimming strings) to advanced (directed graphs, hash tables and file management).

JavaLib, A Java-like C++ Open Source Library:
JavaLib is a small library of Java-like classes written in C++. The size of the library promotes portability and maintainability by end-users. For the right project, JavaLib can be quite helpful in providing containers that are much simpler to use than the STL but provide all of the power of template programming.

OPT 3.19 Command Line Parser Open Source Library Review:
OPT 3.19 is a command line parsing library for C++ and C programs. It provides an automatically generated user interface, an automatically generated help screen and it can read parameters from files and environment variables and create files using the current set of parameters.

Connecting a Printer to a USB Port on Windows 2000:
Making a MS-Dos application print to a USB port can be very tricky. This page gives detailed instructions for allowing your old Dos programs to print to your new USB-only printer. Instructions are also provided for detecting when the user is an administrator and for opening a Dos Box.

Read a text file into a vector of strings:
This is an example program that reads itself using the STL std::copy algorithm. The file is read into a std::vector of char. This example uses istream_iterator, back_inserter and the noskipws manipulator to read the file.

Defining an Exception using a Macro
Define a C++ exception using a macro. The article includes exception examples for Microsoft C++ compilers, for Borland C++ compilers and GNU compilers.

Log All Datafile Saves and Deletes:
This DataFlex module helps a developer discover why records are being mysteriously deleted or overwritten. It does this by logging the key fields and other important information when a specific datafile is saved or deleted. This solution is suitable for character-mode DataFlex.

A Windows API Lookup Tool:
A tool to make it easier for VDF (Visual DataFlex) programmers to create Windows API calls.

Loan Payment Calculator:
A DataFlex solution of the classic problem of finding the monthly payment for a loan.

Read a file into a string vector:
This small program shows how to read an entire file into a C++ STL vector.

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